When oils and aging cuticles clog pores, skin care products fail to maximize their effectiveness. To restore skin's hydration and shine, it is necessary to start from the basics. As the first step of skin care, cleansing products play a very important role.

Although skin oil secretion is particularly strong in summer, it is also necessary to avoid excessively cleansing the skin and destroying the balance of water and oil. (IG@innisfreeofficial)

actic acid bacteria and peach molecular tincture to effectively create a supple and beautiful skin, making pores smooth and delicate. Lactic acid bacteria help to balance the body's flora, make the skin self-improving, become healthier and improve acne and other skin problems, while maintaining skin stability, showing natural luster and elasticity. This cleansing milk has both cleansing and face-washing functions, which greatly saves cleansing time. It is very suitable for busy urban girls with a light peach fragrance and pink packaging. It is completely conquering the hearts of girls, practicality and design. Have both and win the first place in the A-level!